The Services We Offer

To help you decide what your accountancy requirements are, we have listed below the sort of things we do. But please remember these are for guidance only: you’re the client and you’re in charge! Wherever possible, we will tailor our service to meet your requirements exactly.

Year End Basics

Annual accounts in approved format based upon the accounting records you have prepared; as standard, our accounts include:

  • A “key comments” report or some graphical analysis to help interpret the numbers
  • A breakdown of fixed assets so you know exactly what is in that key figure
  • That in turn helps us to make the most effective tax claims for you
  • We include your taxation liability so that it’s not a forgotten figure: you really do owe that money!

Tax computation based upon the above accounts; completion of self employment pages for your tax return, or partnership / company tax return as applicable Abbreviated accounts for filing at Companies House (limited companies only)

Year End Extras

 Planning meeting prior to the accounts year end to discuss tax mitigation and related “looking forward” issues OnTrack review: we will agree a baseline and goals with you and then we’ll “nag” you as an aid to staying on track with the strategic issues Financial performance review: a detailed look at your numbers over 5 years, what they mean and implications for the future Benchmarking exercise: where do you stand in your industry? Are you good, bad or indifferent? Find out where you can improve! Records report: a review of your bookkeeping, weaknesses to address and proposals for the future

On-going support

Annual consulting service: the most successful businesses pay to see their accountants more often! or Unlimited telephone assistance: pay an agreed annual price and then you can pick our brains as often as you like for all those niggling queries that crop up! or If you prefer, we will bill by the hour for any “general care and attention” work which arises during the year (the “traditional” approach)


Year End Taxation

Completion of individual tax return(s), calculating taxation liability and advising, submission to the Revenue, handling Revenue feedback (but not an Enquiry) Submission of partnership / company tax returns to the Revenue, advising re taxation liabilities, handling Revenue feedback (but not an Enquiry) Completion of year end payroll returns P35 / P14 / P60 and / or P11D (including calculation of class 1A NIC liability)

Company services

Audits we are registered auditors and undertake statutory company audits where required by the Companies Acts or where requested by the shareholders Company secretarial: ensuring you meet your statutory duties including the write-up of the company minutes etc (and act as registered office where necessary) Incorporations: we can take away all the hassle of forming a new company and get it right for you from day one


Regular accounting

Payroll bureau services: we take on all the payroll hassle Completion of VAT returns from your records to ensure you don’t fall into any of the many elephant traps Write up of your books so you can concentrate on the business (and saving you time and costs at the year end) Monthly / quarterly management accounts to help you better control your business, identify issues as they arise and drive everything forward


Helping you grow and pay less tax

Revenue enquiries: the only issue these days with enquiries is “when” not “if”! We have lots of experience of resolving these as painlessly as possible Business start-ups: we were a start-up once, so we know what we’re talking about! Tax-busting and profit-raising healthchecks: these are the first steps and help ensure that all the basic angles are covered Tax planning reports: these can cover issues such as

  • personal tax efficiency
  • capital gains or inheritance tax issues
  • incorporation of an existing business
  • future business developments
  • company car issues
  • tax-efficient remuneration
  • succession issues

Business growth

We can help you with:

  • kickstart consultancy
  • strategy planning days
  • goal setting
  • focused board meetings
  • business growth potential
  • balanced scorecard reporting
  • the importance of systems


Management support

Forecasts and business plans (FBP): what is your route to success? FBP help you to plan for success, and we can help you with the numbers (and more) Computerised bookkeeping: trusting your books to computer is a necessary but worrying move for most growing businesses: our experience can help you VAT and PAYE healthchecks: confident your procedures will stand up to the taxman’s scrutiny? If not, we can ask the awkward questions first



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