Fixed prices

We believe in ďno nasty surprisesĒ and, to help achieve that, we offer fixed prices wherever possible. We see this as part and parcel of a 21st century accountancy service. This doesnít mean, however, that we can guarantee a fixed price because there will occasionally be circumstances, particularly for start-up businesses, where we have insufficient information on which to offer a fixed price.  Nor does it mean that we will do everything you ask within the one price!  We will always specify what is covered and if it isnít mentioned, then it isnít covered. 

How you benefit

You have a known financial commitment and need not worry about an endlessly-increasing timecard.

Things we donít do

  • We arenít the cheapest firm of accountants in town
  • We donít offer credit terms as standard and we do expect to be paid on time (usually at least 50% up-front)
  • We donít believe in ďambush billingĒ you with unexpected fees
  • We donít ignore you until you shout the loudest: we maintain a proper database of our clients and ensure that you all get the attention you have paid for.

Case Studies....


To help you decide what your accountancy requirements are, we have listed the sort of things we doMore...


Case Studies

A few examples of work we have performedwhich would defy being entered on a list.  These should give you a flavour of the sort of extra things we do. More..

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