How we do things

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach and, within reason, we always tailor what we do to work the way you want to rather than the other way around.

We do believe in listening to you, the client, and finding out exactly what it is you want us to do. So, if you want us to be generally hands-off, leave you in peace for most of the year but sort your year-end issues (accounts and tax return) in a quality way, then that is what we will do.

We understand that large trees can grow from small acorns which means that, unlike some accountants, we’re happy to work with you regardless of size. The bottom line is that as long as you’re prepared to pay a decent price, we’re prepared to do a more than decent job!

How you benefit

We take some of the paperwork mountain away and we offer SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS.

Personal attention

For all but the smallest jobs, you will be dealing directly with an experienced and qualified accountant who will always be your main point of contact: we do not believe in passing you from pillar to post or in confusing the issue by departmentalising our service delivery (where, for instance, you have to deal with separate people for accounts and for tax). For all but the smallest jobs, we would anticipate holding at least one meeting a year with you. Where it’s appropriate, we are happy to meet you out-of-hours and / or at your home address. In many cases, we can pick up / drop off your books or even perform our work at your premises in order to speed things up. How you benefit: at the end of the day, accountancy is a “people business” and we’ve found that everything goes a lot more smoothly if we work together on a one-to-one basis.

Visible advice / adding value

For all but the smallest jobs, one of the main ways we can add value is, simply, by the fact that you have a known contact who is an expert in accountancy and taxation matters; just having that option available is often a weight off your shoulders. Obviously, we can’t promise to answer every question straight away because some further research may be required or getting to the answer may be a separate project in its own right. But even for the really complicated questions, we will always be able to source a specialist where necessary. On top of the above, however, we do aim to give visible and permanent advice wherever possible so that you have a record which you can refer back to. Some of the ways we tackle this are: by writing letters where necessary, by giving you FREE factsheets where appropriate, by drafting agendas for meetings, by discussing checklists of key issues at meetings, and by writing “To Do” lists with completed accounts. How you benefit: it’s very easy to forget what was discussed in a telephone call or to misunderstand what was meant; having the advice memorialised will hopefully ensure that doesn’t happen!

What we charge....

Case Studies

Our case studies illustrate just how much more we can do for you if you prefer us to be more hands-on.  When you use us for “wants” rather than “needs” the issue really becomes one of MAXIMISING VALUE and, hopefully, it is clear from the case studies just how much value we can add. More..


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