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ARCA is headed up by a husband and wife team of chartered accountants, Adam and Trisha Reeves.

Between us, we can boast about:

Training at large firms of accountants where the experience obtained is much broader than with more local firms

Time spent in specialist departments - business services, tax and insolvency

Plenty of general practice experience with small businesses whilst working in rural Shropshire

Experience of working in industry and seeing the other side of the fence.We’ve set up our own business and know hard it can be.


How you benefit: As you can see, we’ve got all the right qualifications and experience for doing what we do. Clients ranging from simple tax return cases up to businesses with sales figures in excess of £1m currently ask us to undertake work for them and feel we are right for them

 what we do....


To help you decide what your accountancy requirements are, we have listed the sort of things we do.  More...


Case Studies

A few examples of work we have performed,  which would defy being entered on a list.  These should give you a flavour of the sort of extra things we do. More..

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